Photo Illustration

One can say I'm as much an illustrator as a photographer. About 95% of the character images in my portfolio are composites - I tend to photograph figures and backgrounds separately, then bring them together in Photoshop and create a scene with a story.

Circling The Sun

I was thrilled to photograph and illustrate the cover image for pioneering aviator Beryl Markham's memoir by Paula McLain. The publisher requested that I use myself as a model because I already had some resemblance to Beryl, but the most fun part for me was creating an even stronger resemblance. I studied a variety of photographs of her from different angles so I could imagine what she would have looked like in the selected pose. The final composite took a total of 11 different images to blend. (Cover design by Laura Klynstra)

Chinese Character

I'm a huge admirer of the traditional Chinese aesthetic and so I was inspired to create Chinese-themed images. But at the time I only had myself as a model. So I set myself the challenge to change my features to look Chinese. It was absolutely fascinating to study in detail the facial differences between the two races (so many more than I'd expected) and morph myself into such a visually different character.